Welcome to Track a Tree

Welcome to Track a Tree, a project recording the progress of spring in woodlands across the UK during the springs of 2014 - 2017. This project has now ended.

Silver Birch Budburst

Phenology is the study of recurring seasonal events in plants and animals, and the timing of these events in relation to weather and climate. In spring, phenological events include trees coming into leaf, the flowering of plants, nesting of birds and emergence of caterpillars. Track a Tree is a citizen ecology scheme that will record the spring phenology of individual woodland trees and the flowering plants that make up the ground flora beneath them.

Track a Tree records will shed light on the seasonal timing of UK woodlands, and how changes in climate could affect them.

On this site you can find out more about the project.

Track a Tree is a sister project of Nature’s Calendar, the Woodland Trust’s recording scheme for seasonal observations. Track a Tree was developed by Christine Tansey, a former PhD student at the University of Edinburgh. It was supported by the Woodland Trust and funded by NERC.


You can follow us on Twitter @TrackATree, or visit us on the Track a Tree Facebook page.