A week of winter

Christine Tansey's picture

The recent cold weather has finally brought a touch of winter to our woods, and I took a walk at Roslin Glen over the weekend to see how it had fared after the storms of the last few months. Thankfully the trees I follow were all still standing, although there were others that had lost limbs in the high winds.


It was lovely to be walking through the wood under a light covering of snow as lots of interesting ice crystals had formed on branches and bramble patches. I also kept my eyes open for any early phenology, as in Edinburgh itself there are daffodils blooming and cultivated cherry trees blossoming after the very warm December. There were not many signs of new growth in the woods, but I saw some frosty Hazel catkins and the first green spikes appearing through the leaf litter. If you have noticed any unusual sights in your local woodland recently, we’d be really interested to hear about them.


Although we usually ask our recorders to start monitoring their trees in early to mid-March, you may wish to make an earlier visit to see what is happening on your local patch. After my weekend stroll, I’ll be checking out my Track a Tree wood in another couple of weeks, and will write an update of when we expect to start our observations for the 2016 season!

In the meantime, enjoy the wintry conditions and be on the lookout for Hazel flowers for our big sister project, Nature’s Calendar.