Old friends in the woods

Christine Tansey's picture

I’ve been re-discovering the joys of early spring in the woods the last couple of weeks, and have now made two visits to Roslin Glen to keep an eye on my trees there. It’s great to re-acquaint myself with them, and I’ve enjoyed introducing a visiting friend and my sister to the winding paths I habitually follow to get to each tree.

On my first visit at the start of March, there was not much more than mud, snowdrops and hazel catkins on show. However, the enthusiastic elder had already produced its first leaves, and the hazel buds were looking ready to burst. My friend also got to learn the ways of Track a Tree, as you can see below!


On my second visit, spring was showing more of her hand, as the hazel buds has started to burst and the first lesser celandine were shining out from the leaf litter in the sunnier spots of the glen. Although I don’t monitor any sycamore at the site, I also noticed several trees whose greeny-pink buds had started to expand, and I expect to see even more on my next trip.


I’m looking forward to tomorrow, when I’ll next head out to Roslin, and I’m keeping my fingers crossed for some flowers appearing under my trees. Hope your weekend of spring in the woods is a good one!